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Hello! I go by スバヤ_キツネ on Japanese sites. But my English name is SwiftKit. I know that it isn’t easy to maintain a site yourself, even if it is just WordPress. I hope all the trouble you’ve gone to to let me use your site properly benefits other people as well. I have a bad habit of not actually commenting much myself. I have some serious social anxiety issues, so I been half hoping for and half dreading your replies.

But I do love your art! I’m looking forward to seeing more cuties from you, in full resolution, unlike baraag. Oh, and when I showed these pictures (on baraag) to a Japanese friend of mine he immediately thought she was masturbating. I guess her hands are questionably placed…

This is the very first WordPress site that I have found worth the trouble of going around all my privacy protection and malware prevention plugins to make work. I also respect people who actually go to the trouble of making their own site rather than relying entirely on SNSs. Although I think many people would like to see you on Inkbunny.

Of course, now that I can comment I can report a couple more issues…sorry.

One weird thing is that when I’m logged in I can’t see your SFW stuff. It says “Nothing Found It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”

Also, whenever I view a post there are two links in the lower right under “Most favorited” that it reports “Oops! That page can’t be found.” I think I know why though, but that just makes me want to see them more….

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Seems like my content restriction plugin wasn’t recursive and I had to add permissions for authenticated to see the content, instead of just not disabling access to it. I’ve fixed it now though, hopefully.

About the hand placement, it was originally where her hands were open and her palms facing her other leg, but it was a bit too difficult for me to get right at the time.

Again, thank you for testing and bringing things to my attention! I appreciate all the help and trouble you went through. I’ll register on Inkbunny soon enough.

I’m glad to be helpful. You seem to have fixed all the problems I’ve mentioned. I really hope I’m not coming across as an annoyance, because I can’t seem to stop finding weird things about this page.

If I scroll all the way down to the bottom of then back up again I find things that weren’t there on the scroll down and have overlapped what was originally at the top of the page. For example Leila is found overlapping this post. The front page seems fine though.

I keep seeing “resized” on images, sometimes with resolutions following them, so I wondered if I was being served smaller images than were actually available. I think the “resized” in the file names is probably your own doing, but I found a pattern regarding whether or not I get stuck with an auto downsized version. The posts at the very top are fine. If I open a post on its own page it’s fine. But if I click the images that load in dynamically as you scroll so that it opens up the picture viewer mode then I get the downsized version, even if I use the “cloud with a down arrow.”

Some posts, such as “Generic kemololi (Character by ro)” don’t render a title at all, so the only way to open them on a new page is by clicking “Leave A Comment”.

Many times I can open the original image in a new tab by middle clicking on it, but not always.

Just to add to the fun I’d like to mention that one auto downsized version actually has a larger file size than its original.

It’s not annoying at all, don’t worry! I enjoy fixing when they do appear and it makes it more personal fixing it instead of having everything just laid out.

About the overlapping posts, those happen when images haven’t fully loaded yet so it’s normal! Just wait a bit or scroll down a bit more for the images to load and it will restructure itself. About resized on images, those are my manual resizes since the original resolution are upwards of 4000×7000 and I resize them down to about 50% or 1200px at minimum. The automatically generated resized versions that WordPress makes have the resolution after tha name _(e.g. /kaiaresized-793×1200.png) Kaia

You’re right about the images not being linked to the non generated images once you go past the autoloaded posts though. Unfortunately, I cannot fix some of these because it’s what WordPress gives out at its core. Just remove the resolution (-793×1200)

I haven’t started uploading the original versions because they are 20-80 MB each, so I resize them for optimization and quota purposes. If you’d like to see the original resolutions, you’re free to join my Discord server where I post most of the full sizes and the .clip files.

About posts without titles, those don’t actually have titles, they are just text in the post itself. To open the post, you can click on the date! Clicking on the date will open the permalink and this is pretty much universal to any social media.

About auto downsize being bigger, there’s also little I can do unless I use a plugin that compresses the images on resize (which I don’t wanna do) because it uses PHP’s imagick module, which is quite old. But the file sizes tend to be smaller if the resolution is smaller, most of the time anyway.

There’s also a certain post that breaks some of the functionality. Particularly “Fubuki“. This can be seen by the post Rubix not loading its gallery properly in pages where Fubuki is also present. (e.g., the nsfw category page)

And right now, editing of profiles are also broken. Users should be able to edit their own profiles but some permissions seems to have gone missing.

No matter how slow I scroll it always breaks. These three posts go straight to the top, and no other posts follow them.
“Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.”
All other dynamically loaded posts try to render on the currently visible area before rearranging themselves, so something different is going on.

The other issues don’t bother me much, since I did find a work around. I usually look for a permalink, but I guess I didn’t notice the dates because they float separately from the actual post.

I’m a little concerned about Discord because I’ve heard they have closed cub lover accounts in the past. But I don’t really need to see absolute full size as long as they are resized in a way you think is good. I don’t think I can open .clip files anyway.

Sorry for the late reply. About , that one was previously Patreon content so you’re not supposed to see it even logged in. I wonder what’s going on with them otherwise.
About Discord, it’s mostly fine unless someone reports it. It’s low profile enough that I think it’s safe.

Also, you can use the feedback system if you’d like. Not sure if I can reply to it though. But this comment thread is getting kind of cramped.

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