Payment of drawing is by invoice! Please do not send payment to me or I will refund it. You are required to pay at least 50% of the receipt upfront before I can start. If I feel like I cannot finish your drawing or cancel it with other extreme cases, I will completely refund the amount

Need help? Use the commission info helper

You can visit the Trello board for my art queue


  • Payment is in USD and only through PayPal! You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment, but you do need an email.
  • Please contact me before commissioning
  • My commissions are considered digital goods and my service is only through digital medium. I will not be shipping anything so shipping address is not needed. Please indicate “No address” if it’s possible!
  • I won’t accept text references! A lot of references is appreciated as it gives me an idea how your character is generally structured.
  • You cannot sell my art or take credit for it unless it was agreed upon.
  • I can’t always produce the same exact idea that you have in your mind! Please be a little flexible in ideas but still be clear about it.
  • Please have a clear idea of what you want to get drawn, otherwise you can give me artistic freedom.
  • Refunds are not accepted unless I state that I can’t do them!
  • You must own the characters or have permission to use them before commissioning me.
  • I’ll start after I’ve received 50% upfront payment on receipt or after the sketch phase! Please contact me if you have received your invoice or there’s an error.
  • I’ll send an initial sketch to confirm the pose and general scene.
  • Once payment is complete and the sketch is confirmed, I will continue to complete the image.

You can contact me on Discord at Kei#1109 or on  Telegram @keipaws. Alternatively, you can join my Discord Server.

Please keep messaging me if I don’t respond after a day as I might have not seen your message!
I also might not see Discord friend requests quickly, so please try to ping me if we have a shared server.

Additional info:

  • I’m not too good at drawing characters without much hair! The more anthropomorphic, the better.
  • I won’t accept private commissions at this time (sorry!) it’s the only way I can attract more followers and commissioners;; im only a small creator. I can however leave your name blank/anonymous.
  • If you really want the commission to be private, I might charge an extra fee.. but please, it’s best to commissions someone else;;
  • Extra characters are still undefined because I am not sure how to price them. It’s around 60% additional the base price or per character. Please contact me first if you want additional characters so we can discuss it!
  • Backgrounds are also undefined as I don’t do much of them, but I can try for $10
  • Drawing extreme fetishes are not something I have much experience with. They will incur an additional 10% to 20% increase from the base price for every instance.
  • Complex characters or detailed clothing are 10% from the base price.
  • Extra edits or alternatives are free if they are relatively simple, otherwise they’ll be an additional 10% the final price for every version.
Will draw

SFW Cubs
Soft or mature nudity themes

Will not draw

Muscular or obese characters
Very western stuff
Fan characters/copyrighted characters
Genital mutilation
Macro/micro in sexual situations
If something there is not in the list you can ask me in a PM


I’m very new to commissions and full body drawings, so I might not be able to do complicated poses or characters! I’m willing to give it a try to be lax about it. It’ll help me in the long run as well! Thanks for considering in commissioning me.

  • All commissions are for your personal use. You are allowed to color line art and make minor edits as long as you give proper credit and state that it has been modified.
  • No commercial usage of my art is allowed normally. If you would like to use my art for commercial purposes, please mention it in your order and we will sort things out.
  • Commission prices are subject to change.
  • I reserve the right to post images on my personal galleries online and/or print and sell prints unless you state otherwise with reasonable explanation.
  • Commissioners are only allowed to post the artwork on their own personal online galleries with credit and make prints for personal use only.

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